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inmate welding jobs

Opportunity For Inmates To Fill In On In-Demand Welding Jobs

Georgia might have found a way to help solve two problems at once thanks to a new program where the Technical College System of Georgia helps teach inmates how to weld. Georgia is in desperate need of welders, and like the rest of the country, we‘re fighting to curb recidivism—the rate of inmates going back ...

Will Brimm

School Programs for Welding

Work Based Program Helping Student With Welding Carrier

EATON COUNTY, Mich. (WILX)– A local teen is impressing a lot of adults with his skill and ambition. On this edition of Schools Rule, News 10’s Lora Painter takes a closer look at how he is now on a lucrative career path thanks to a local work based learning program. Read more here and for ...

Will Brimm

New Welding Jobs

Welding Lab In HighSchool?!

Kent ISD board president Andrea Haidle is not about to take up welding. But she was eager to see the new virtual welding laboratory that was recently installed by the Kent Career Tech Center. “This is a big deal,” said Haidle, who donned a welding mask and tried the equipment, which uses simulated welding tools ...